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Auto Repair Slidell, La - Engine & Transmission Repair Shop

Pro Auto Repair the AAA Approved Mechanic Shop of Slidell, La. - your  go- to Engine Repair and Transmission Repair Shop.  Hi, my name is Shawn Berger, we are a Local Owned, Family Owned Complete Auto, Car, and Truck Repair Shop and Auto Service Center.

We are truly your one stop Local Mechanic Shop Providing our customers with "Same Day Service" on Car and Truck Repairs--"Nationwide Warranty" on ALL Auto and Truck Repairs and a Shuttle Ride to and from our Local Auto Repair Shop and Service Center.

From Auto, Car, and Truck Check Engine Lights and ABS Lights, All Engine Repairs, Transmission Repairs, Sales and Installation new & used, to suspension repairs, and much more,  we are the Mechanic Shop close to you in Slidell.

We have been serving customers with transmissions and engines in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Mandeville , and Slidell for over 30 years and super proud of it.  Come check us out.

Great Customer Service from dropping your vehicle off for repairs to picking it up, we promise perfection, Just read our Google Reviews that we are very proud of.


Engine Repair or Replacement Services

When it comes to Car or Truck Engine Repair or NEW Re manufactured (better than rebuilt engines) and Used Replacement Engines it can be upsetting for a customer. Pro Engine Repair and its team offer you options such as NEW Re manufactured Auto Engine installations that comes with a 3 year 100,000 mile Nationwide Parts and Labor Warranty, NO Gimmicks!

Remember, we are the Car Engine Specialists, We Do Engines! 

Transmission Repair or Replacement Services

When it comes to Car or Truck Transmission Repair or NEW Re Manufactured (better than rebuilt transmissions) and Used Replacement Transmissions it can be upsetting for a customer. Pro Engine Repair and our team offer you options such as NEW transmission installation that comes with a 3 year 100,000 mile Nationwide Parts and Labor Warranty and NO Gimmicks! We are your Transmission Diagnostic and Repair Specialists.

General Auto Repairs / Maintenance / Tune Ups

Depending on your cars mileage and age there are specific manufacturer mileage or time Maintenance Intervals for Service. We offer certified mileage maintenance services for every model car.

At Pro Auto Repair in Slidell, we offer a wide range of services specifically tailored for what your car really does need. We do a thorough inspection of every vehicle and let you know what is most important and what can maybe wait a bit, depending on your budget. We will tailor fit a repair plan that fits you budget.

Come check out our Mechanic Shop here in Slidell, La. We would be happy to help you.

Computer and Electrical Diagnostics & Repairs

This is actually my personal specialty and have specialized in car electrical and diagnostics of car computer systems and repairs for about 20 years.

We have state of the art Diagnostic Systems to accurately diagnose your cars Check Engine Light, ABS Light, Traction Control Light or Whatever it may be Related to Electrical Repairs on your Car or Truck.

Air Conditioning and Heating Diagnosis and Repair

At Professional Auto Engines Inc. we perform a Complete Automotive Air Conditioning and Heating Diagnostic Test to ensure we give you an accurate answer of exactly what needs to be done to fix your Cars Air Condition / A/C or Heating System, How Much it will cost, and how fast we can get you back to blowing Ice Cold Air or Hot Air whatever the case may be.

Brakes, Steering, and Suspension Repair

Its pretty routine with stop and go traffic, rough roads, or just mileage on a vehicle that your car will end up in need of routine Brake, Shock and or Strut Repair or Replacement, Ball joint and Control Arm Repairs, or maybe Tie Rod Ends, Rack and Pinion or Power Steering Pump, We Do it All.

Engine Cooling System Diagnosis & Repair

After 25 Years in this business I have found the Car Engines Cooling System (overheating problems) diagnosed Improperly and repairs are being done costing a customer money and NOT fixing the customers problem.

At Professional Auto Engines and Car Repair Slidell, me and my team of auto repair specialists are experienced in your cars cooling systems and how they work, that way we can pinpoint the exact problem and fix it right the first time.

Timing Chain or Belt Replacement

When in need of an auto Engine Timing Belt or Chain Replacement Service or Repair it is very important to let a skilled and Certified Auto Repair Technician / Mechanic like the ones on my team here at Pro Auto Repair Slidell perform these repairs to your car or truck, or severe engine damage could occur if not repaired correctly.