Every customer’s success matters to Positive

For almost two decades, Positive has built our business by

1) Crafting extraordinary technology solutions that help our customers succeed and

2) Their recommending us to others.

The Positive team embraces our customer’s business and technical challenges and creates solutions that achieve performance and price goals.

We approach each relationship as a partnership - we support our customers by working as an extension of their own tech departments.

Services we offer


Full-featured and powerful, an affordable VM-based solution to power growing companies

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Positive Private Cloud

High-performance, secure and resilient private cloud/hybrid solutions for the most demanding challenges, all with ‘no surprise’ pricing

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VIP Managed Hosting

Leave all your hosting worries with Positive; a comprehensive package of hosting and services at a price you can count on

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Positive eCommerce

Achieve a superior customer experience by leveraging Positive’s hands-on experience creating/hosting leading e-tail websites

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Positive success stories

No matter the scale or complexity of our customers’ business challenges the Positive team prides itself in creating expertly tailored IT platforms that drive innovation and deliver affordable, secure performance


With a single server Positive provides the platform that enables a leading digital marketing agency to develop and host dozens of innovative, highly secure healthcare industry websites.


Positive helped design and now hosts the entire ecommerce website for a global cosmetics leader. Leveraging an innovative design that maximizes performance using just a few servers, Positive and the Elemis web development team have helped control ‘per server’ licensing costs of commercial ecommerce applications.


Positive hosts the ecommerce application and the case/data management solution for one of Europe's largest insurers. Originally developed as the back-end IT for an innovative mobile insurance app at the dawn of the smart phone revolution the Positive platform has scaled seamlessly to now power highly-secure, 24/7/365 uninterrupted processing for thousands of simultaneous Ageas users.

Positive’s VIP support

Positive doesn’t use outsourced call centers to screen support requests.

Instead, every request is handled by an experienced Positive team member who provides timely, comprehensible, actionable information to fix any problem.

What truly distinguishes Positive's technical team is our VIP service where we offer proactive planning and hands-on systems management rather than reactive troubleshooting; our VIP clients rely on us to consult with them at every level of their projects.

‘No Surprise’ pricing

Positive delivers tailored hosting solutions and personalized support – customer care that doesn’t come from choosing radio buttons from a list of options. The Positive price is for the entire solution – components, bandwidth, backups, system maintenance and security – all with Positive’s VIP support included.

A proven platform

A pioneer in Linux-based managed hosting, Positive has built our solution framework upon industry-leading open technology hardware and software.

And we host our systems in the highest tier facilities, including the world-renowned 60 Hudson in New York City, a secure, resilient carrier hotel that kept running smoothly even as lower Manhattan was overwhelmed by Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

The Linux professionals

We know Linux inside out. And because we specialize in only open source systems, we offer unmatched expertise supporting every part of the LAMP stack and beyond.

Our customers know they can bring us their outside-the-box challenge or application and the Positive team will help them dazzle because we are the acknowledged Linux gurus.

Tailored systems and services to fit our customers’ needs

From locally-focused consumer information websites through World Record-smashing media projects to global ecommerce solutions Positive delivers to the most exacting operational, security, data integrity and system availability requirements.

Positive’s team is committed to keeping every customer’s system running flawlessly 24/7/365, works with customers to get their applications working their best, optimizes their databases, manages their firewalls, and performs multi-level backups of all data.

Positive’s success depends on our customers’ total satisfaction.

Let Positive show you how to build a better cloud solution

Whether you’re taking a first step into the cloud environment or you’re a public cloud veteran who’s grown frustrated by disappointing performance or pricing ‘gotchas’ the Positive team will partner with you to design, develop and host a system tailored to your specific performance and price objectives.

Our customers are often astonished by how much performance the Positive team can extract from efficient, elegant and cost-efficient systems. We’ll do the same for you.

Beginning a productive Positive partnership

Use the form below to get the partnership started – tell us a little about yourself, your project, what you think success should look like, and the best time(s) and method(s) for us to get back to you.

We will get back to you right away. Or give us a call on 212-380-3395.

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