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Porta Kleen's Hydro-Excavation process provides a safe alternative to conventional digging methods such as track hoes, augers, backhoes and bulldozers. Unlike traditional mechanical excavation, damage or disruption to critical underground utilities is minimized by using pressurized water in addition to high-power vacuuming.
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Mobile Laundry

A work site can often lead to basic utilities and facilities being shut down for long periods of time. With Porta Kleen's Mobile Laundry Trailer, you can make doing laundry convenient at any time or any place.
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Restrooms Trailers

Porta Kleen's Mobile Restroom Trailers provide the highest level of comfort and functionality for any project. Our models range from lavish VIP to high-capacity and feature different amenities, allowing us to meet and exceed your individual needs.
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Mobile Showers & Locker Rooms

Boasting the largest and most versatile fleet of mobile shower trailers in North America, Porta Kleen is fully equipped to meet any type of job. Perfect for events like festivals, concerts, campsites, construction projects, and industrial shutdowns, our trailers will reliably meet and exceed your individual needs.
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Self-Contained Water System

The Self-Contained Water System performs the functions of a typical indoor sanitation network by providing freshwater storage and transfer, as well as elimination and confinement of wastewater for mobile office trailers. The system offers an elegant yet rugged solution in a single all-season package. Patent Pending.
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Portable Restrooms

Ideal for a vast number of projects, Porta Kleen carries multiple types of Portable Restrooms and Hygiene Stands to meet your specific needs. No matter what type of event or job, our products will always be clean, durable, and expertly serviced.
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Mobile Bunkhouse

Keep your best assets — your employees — on-site and comfortable in Porta Kleen’s Mobile Bunkhouse. Featuring numerous convenient amenities like restrooms, showers and HVAC, our Mobile Bunkhouse provides the next best thing to home at any event site.
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Safety Shower & Eye Wash Station

Porta Kleen's Mobile Safety Shower & Emergency Eye Wash Station is the ideal solution for keeping employees safe on remote job sites with no potable water source.


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Video: Hydro-Excavation

Porta Kleen’s Hydro-Excavation service provides a safe alternative to conventional digging methods such as skid-steers, back hoes, and bulldozers. By using pressurized water and high-powered vacuuming to uncover underground utilities, lines, and pipes, risk to site infrastructure is significantly reduced and completed in a fraction of the time.


Festivals & Concerts

As a partner of some of the nation's most well-known festivals and concerts, Porta Kleen has developed a world-class reputation for our products and services. We are proud to support numerous multi-day festivals, fairs, and concerts throughout the year with some of the biggest names in the industry.



Porta Kleen understands the vital role that sanitation plays within the construction industry. Whether your job is downtown in the city, in a residential neighborhood, or building infrastructure along a highway, our products are built to suit your jobsite’s specific needs.


Weddings & Occasions

Whether you are planning an intimate outdoor wedding or a multi-day family reunion, Porta Kleen understands the role that sanitation plays in the comfort of your guests.From luxurious trailers equipped with flushing toilets to durable wheelchair and ADA-compliant single units, Porta Kleen has the range of products to suit the needs of your guests.


Charitable Events

Porta Kleen is a proud to support both local and national organizations achieve their goals of community engagement and attaining better health. Through our key partnerships, we are privileged to work on some of the nation’s most well-known events as people fight to end disease across America.


Sporting Events

From local parks to NASCAR races, proper sanitation is essential for teams and fans. With more than 20 years of experience, Porta Kleen has established key partnerships with sports and community organizations to be their sanitation provider of choice.


Disaster Relief & Outreach

When disaster strikes or relief is required, Porta Kleen has a record of responding quickly and effectively. We have the ability to rapidly move assets into any afflicted area and can often mobilize within 24 hours.



As a veteran-owned small business, Porta Kleen has a first-hand understanding of the sanitation needs of our military. Whether the mission is a rapid deployment disaster on the east coast or supporting a training camp on the west coast, count on us to handle the assignment efficiently and reliably.



When a plant is undergoing a multimillion-dollar expansion or trying to accommodate a seasonal influx of workers, every minute of unproductive time affects the bottom line. At Porta Kleen, we believe that having the right products and services will help your workers and your job site stay on track.



Government & Municipal

Porta Kleen is a proud supporter of all local, state and national government branches. Whether your department needs VIP restroom trailers for a luxurious political fundraiser, multiple single restroom units for a multi-day county fair, or single units for individual state projects, we are able to provide guidance on the best product for your project.



Porta Kleen is dedicated to providing family-owned and large-scale farming operations with the best and safest portable-sanitation solutions in the industry. Whether your season consists of only a few days or multiple months, our products will help your workers stay compliant and meet your requirements.