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Did You Know?   Emergency or Urgency - Where to go

If you have a life-threating emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room (ER).

What if you have an Urgent matter? The ER may not be the best option.  You may find yourself waiting a long time and having higher medical bills than expected.  There may be a quicker and less expensive option.

For our established patients of Pantops Family Medicine  we have an answering service which can direct you to a healthcare provider who can help assess the situation and make recommendations. 

If the clinic is closed or we cannot see you in a timely manner for your situation, we may direct you to one of our local urgent care centers, such as First Med or Med Express.  These are less costly than the ER and often quicker.

Allow us to introduce ourselves and our practice. Here at Pantops Family Medicine, we are prepared to take care of you and your entire family from birth through maturity. We look forward to treating the whole person. We believe that everyone is unique and will strive to help you stay healthy, always taking into consideration your needs and beliefs. Our team, promotes health with a focus on prevention, in addition to treating illness. The latest technologies and treatments are combined with traditional values such as compassionate and personal care. Let us customize your care to best fit your individual needs. We look forward to getting to know you and help you in as many ways possible. Pantops Family Medicine is here for you.



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